Napoleon Kittens for Sale at Chateau Napoleon Minuet Kittens

Napoleon Cats are a relatively new hybrid breed. Over a decade ago, the diminutive dwarf breed initially emerged as a cross between the Munchkin -- which carries a naturally occurring short leg gene -- and the sumptuously fluffy and elegant Persians Once we had the short leg gene, there was no need to breed back to the domestic cat Munchkin. As a result Napoleons now more closely resemble small round-eyed doll face Persians.

Many fans​ have dubbed the Napoleon cats "eternal kittens." My Napoleons typically range from 4-7 lbs, males being slightly larger on average than females.

There are no health issues or structural problems reported or associated with their adorable short legs. These cuddly sweet-natured cats are every bit as active and playful as their long legged siblings.

It is normal for a Napoleon litter to include both long and short legged babies. At this stage of the breed's development, only the short legged cats can compete in show halls, where they are now in Championship. But most pet buyers usually don't care about shows and find the standard (short) and non standard (long) equally adorable. ​