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Chateau Napoleon Minuet Kittens

Long-legged non-standard kittens sold to a pet home are $500 including spay/neuter. Short- legged standard kittens going to pet homes are $1,000 including spay/neuter.

All kittens must be spayed/neutered before going to their new pet homes. Kittens can travel to their home at 12 weeks. Breeders interested in kittens, please contact for show and breeding information

It's preferred that the new owner(s) meet me at the Tampa airport to get their baby. The kitten will have all its kitten shots and a Florida health travel certificate. With a pet-in-cabin reservation made ahead of time, your baby can travel with you in the cabin of the plane (in his or her carrier!)

I prefer not to ship solo kittens. But will consider for pet buyers willing to purchase two. I can also recommend excellent couriers who will pick up your baby and bring him/her to your closest airport for reasonable costs.